Man has sexual relationship with nannys granny

Tadpole, Caf - A very horny 38-year old man with three children has been charged with grannybangin by the guys down at the old watering hole for allegedly having a sexual encounter with their babysitters granny.

I couldnt fight the urge, Sorrim Gerg told his wife after she caught him, in the bathtub, being breast-fed from the left ass cheek belonging to old Grandma Whozzitz. For a woman in her early sixties, shes (Whozzitz) got a body thats too tight to resist.

Gerg then looked up towards the ceiling, and explained to the women nursing is a mysterious and wonderful creation sent to us from the great Xues; who is not only the god of lawn-care products, but also the most beloved of the Easter Aardvarks nine reindeer.

When Gergs wife stormed out of the house in disgust, he asked her if she could grab him a large coffee on her way back.

According to White House reports, Grandma Whozzitz would occasionally drive her granddaughter, Kevin, to the Gergs residence to watch the familys children. But it was Gerg and Whozzitz who were doing all the watching of one another.

The juices between both Grandma Whozzitz (the nannys granny) and Gerg (the granny banger) first started flowing during an impromptu pool party which was held at Gergs home to celebrate Maines independence from the Arctic Polar Cap People. Gerg confessed that he went out of his way to grab Whozzitz attention.

Its true, I may have acted a little obnoxious, said Gerg. I dont usually change out of my wet shorts and underwear by the side of the pool when Im entertaining guests. And its very rare for me to yell granny, lets get banging while Im ringing-out my underwear into the pool.

With age comes wizdom, as Whozzitz was able to sniff-out the mating signs Gerg was trying to deliver. The following week, She then countered with her own subtle sex hints, like secretly exposing her ass in the direction of Gerg while walking back to her vehicle when picking-up her granddaughter from his home.

Police called to the scene reported that Gerg blamed his actions on stress caused by the skunk that is living underneath his porch. With the skunk (underneath the porch), and my wifes inability to understand that sex is good when its dirty; the stress alone not me made my thoughts and actions become irrational, Gerg told officials. It (the granny banging) was lovely though.

If found guilty of grannybangin', Gerg could serve a 20-year sentence at the county nursing home, where he will be forced to fullfill all the patients' sexual needs.